Tư vấn thiết kế, thi công phòng sạch, design cleanroom consulting

Tư vấn thiết kế, thi công phòng sạch, design cleanroom consulting

Tư vấn thiết kế, thi công phòng sạch, design cleanroom consulting

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Cleanroom Design and Contruction Consultants

1. Clean room design

Clean air technology may need to prepare a lot of specific information to design the clean room you desire.

SHIZU's design team can provide cleanroom design services through AutoCAD for most of the cleanroom projects for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, medical and engineering facilities. and electronic. Thorough inspection of the proposed work is usually required and includes field measurements, location of the column, images of important items and relevance, items that need to be scheduled to break. Unload and discuss the total number of requests directly with the customer. The number of staff performing site inspections and the number of trips required are determined by the size, duration and phases of the project. Other topics include international design standards, clean room design, high efficiency air purification, clean room construction, clean air supply and water.

Design drawings that result from this process may also be considered and sealed by SHIZU's professional clean room engineers, registered in a specific project to which the project was included. SHIZU is ready to assist in the design of clean rooms for any type of clean room requirement.

Our cleanroom design experience is very broad based on the FDA's ability to meet many users / products; medical, pharmaceutical, bacterial / cell culture, gene therapy, and medical science; medical equipment, semiconductors, electronics, optics, military / aerospace and clean room manufacturing.

2. Clean Technique:

SHIZU is a manufacturer, designer and installer of Clean Rooms. We provide design, assessment, expansion and upgrading services for new or existing clean rooms. Our company specializes in mechanical engineering / HVAC, piping, piping, insulation and control. Our Cleanroom engineers can provide review and planning, plus engineering specifications for construction, mechanical and electronic works for a particular state in which the job placement is located. SHIZU's clean room technical assistance is an important step in ensuring that any cleanroom project is built to achieve the lowest cost and highest value ratio.

3. Design and upgrade of HVAC system:

SHIZU provides complete design and consulting in cleanroom systems and is capable of analyzing, repairing and refurbishing in addition to existing cleanroom systems.

4. Temperature control and humidity control:

We specialize in designing, consulting, and building the most appropriate cleanroom and humidity systems. We look forward to the challenges that our customers bring to us.

5. Danger Level of P-3 Bio Clean Room:

The SHIZU Clean Room Consultant Support Team has extensive experience in designing and building BSL P-2 & P-3 biological cleanrooms for medical research and production, military applications and related requirements. .

6. Portable Cleanroom / P-3 Clean Lab:

In addition to the modular fixed-bed facility, our Cleanroom Advisory Team is available with clean mobile / clean room air pressure design as well as atmospheric biological laboratory air pressure. dangerous / negative blocking.

7. Upgrade and repair a clean room as a contractor:

Verification, design or upgrading of an existing cleanroom design can be accomplished either by working directly with the plant or as a subcontractor. In addition, SHIZU may manufacture, supply, and install all components necessary for the construction of clean rooms until the turnkey is complete or in the case of modifications to the repair or replacement. , and install all necessary components of the clean room at the location of the original equipment.