Airlock là gì?

Airlock là gì?

Airlock là gì?

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What's Airlock?

1. The concept of Airlock:

Airlock is also called an intermediate room / buffer room / airlock. It is a fixed or movable room, and is placed between this clean room and another clean room, or between a clean room and an outside travel area.

Use Airlock to control the air flow between the above-mentioned rooms.

According to experts on clean rooms, Airlock can be flexible in terms of design, so that it is suitable for people or materials in and out of the clean room. It is also referred to as a cargo transit chamber when needed.

In a clean room, people use the Airlock not for an emergency escape, which is also an important note when entering the Airlock.

2. Common types of Airlock:

2.1 Airlock does not pressure:

The circulating air flow in the Airlock is not minimally cycled.

This Airlock room is always ready to serve, including people and goods / materials passing through it. Airflow maintained in pressure Airlock is neutral air flow, which helps to reduce air turbulence or pressure during the movement of people and goods between clean room to clean room or between areas Different controls.

Airlock room
Airlock Room

The lock used for this Airlock is usually an interlock, and is used in conjunction with a clean room partition material (also known as Panel). Some factories are stricter in cleanliness, they also prefer to use both electrostatic or stainless steel coating materials. However, depending on the cost of the plant can be used to choose the most suitable material.

2.2 Pressure Airlock:

This means that this Airlock can use HEPA filter to purify the air with low-energy EC fan, which helps the indoor air to be cleaned and circulated periodically.

Airlock is used for the purpose of preventing the disturbance of air between one room and another, in other words preventing the cross-contamination of air between two different environments.

The air and pressure sections are managed according to ISO clean room standards, depending on which class to clean the room accordingly.

Airlock room 2

The air passing through this Airlock will always be filtered quickly, not to move to the next clean room.

Pressure airlock is often used in clean room of biotechnology industry, hospital (stem cell transplantation area, tissue culture ...) or clean room of pharmaceutical grade A-B ...

The outstanding feature of the Airlock type compared to Airlock does not pressure is:

- Using EC fans and HEPA filters to continuously filter the air.

- FFU fan speed is controlled and always balances the pressure.

- There are FFU sensors to help identify when to replace HEPA filter.

2.3 Airlock large size - high speed:

This type of Airlock is generally used for humans and large size trolley, moving from outside to clean room. The interlocking doors are designed to gather Airlock operation to a manager, saving labor costs during transportation.

This type of airlock uses ultraviolet-resistant Vinyl doors and flexible PVC doors, which have the advantage of being difficult to clean, easy to clean and clean. Can be separated for repair when needed.

2.4 High-tech Airlock:

Also known as Smart Airlock, used high technology and many applications for automation. Ensuring security and good control of air and pressure problems.