Cleanroom Laundry Service

Cleanroom Laundry Service

Cleanroom Laundry Service

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Cleanroom Laundry Service

1. What is cleaning service?

Speaking of clean rooms, we look forward to bringing you more solutions to achieve your desired cleanliness.

As for clean room clothes, after each use, they need to be cleaned according to a standard procedure, from rough washing, washing, drying, packaging and inspection.

Clean room cleaning service (or cleaning service) is the term referring to the concept of handling clean room clothes, clean room shoes, clean room gloves ... in a clean room environment, to achieve the purpose of use. Application such as: Ensure the dust protection, anti-static ... of the product is washed.

Cleaning products include:

- Clean room clothes

- Clean room hats and caps

- Arm covers, clean room aprons

- Clean room gloves

- Clean room bag

- Clean room shoes ...

2. Clean room cleaning process:
Usually clean room products are handled and washed according to the following standard procedures:

Step 1: Multiply dirty items from the customer's factory.
Step 2: Sort and remove impurities

- Sorted by cleanliness, dirt

- Classification according to customers

- Sort by department

Classification according to the special requirements of customers

During the sorting process, it will simultaneously remove the remaining impurities in the pocket / pants, cloth bags ... such as pens, ruler, pins ...

Step 3: Rough washing

Rough washing will ensure that stubborn stains are removed from the cleaning before starting the clean wash operation.

Step 4: Wash it off

Cleaning is carried out using a 2-door washing machine. Water to use for cleaning is water treated with RO-DI water system and suitable softener, cleaning chemicals.

Step 5: Dry

Clothes and footwear are dried using 2 different types of dryers and different drying times.

Step 6: Check

The test step includes:

- Check for cleanliness, dust

- Check the antistatic level on the laundry (if requested by the customer)

- Check the appearance to remove laundry products that are not clean, torn or frayed, thread sprung.

Step 7: Folding and packing

After inspection, the products are folded and vacuum packed in a clean room

Step 8: Delivery

After completing the packing, the goods are gathered in the waiting area for delivery, and transported to the customer's factory by specialized vehicles.

3. Application:
Cleaning service is used in factories manufacturing electronic components, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, food ...

For reusable products such as gloves, clean room wipes, depending on the degree of dirt cleanliness, and the factory's requirement for a proper cleaning and handling procedure. This reuse is aimed at saving the operating costs of the customers using the Clean Cleaning service.