Gowning Room là gì?

Gowning Room là gì?

Gowning Room là gì?

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What's gowning Room ?

1. Designing Gowning Room in clean room technology:

Appropriate clean room materials and furniture are an essential equipment to control dust levels in particular and the overall level of clean room pollution.

A clean room in the clean room is often called an ante room, which is a space outside the clean room, which involves changing clothes from clothes outside the living environment with clothes used in clean rooms. before entering the clean room. The room is divided into many areas, the more often it enters, the less strict the steps.

2. Request and application of Gowning Room - Clean changing room:

The clean room locker room requires various furnishings and amenities for the area. Generally it is equipped with a combination of features for users to clean the body before entering a clean room. Examples include cleaning, bathing, hand washing and hand sanitizing areas; dirty dressing area with clean clothes. In the locker room, it is equipped with equipment such as shoe sacks, mesh hats, gloves or loose or seamless body clothes, clean shoes or boots.

These locker rooms are used in electronic components factories, or circuit board assemblies to limit the death of dead cells on the human body to work areas such as dead skin, fur , hair, and other dust particles. You will be aware of the danger when tiny particles of dust deposited on a printed circuit board or component may lead to total loss or defect for the product later.

Gowning Room costumes are made of anti-static fabric, preventing electrostatic discharge that damages sensitive circuits.

In the manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Biotechnology, these locker rooms assist in moving from the common area (unregulated area) to the appropriate pressure clean rooms.

For clean rooms that require chemical or sterile control, the design of the locker room must meet the criteria for aseptic workflow, the disinfection and safety procedures defined by the operator. regulations of USP, cGMP, or FDA.

Activities in the dust dressing area:

Operation Number of emitted dust particles (0.3 μm)
The person who emitted during the campaign was  3,000,000/minute
On the skin (at the cleanest time) 10,000,000/ft2
From staff clothes 10,000,000 đến 30,000,000 ft2
Floor and chair surfaces >10,000,000/ft2
Garment products are re-supplied by clean laundry service  1,000,000/ft2

Source: Encyclopedia of Clean Rooms, Sterile and Biological Clean Rooms - Dr. Phillip Austin, P.E, 2000

3. Interior of clean room changing room:

- Ergonomic desks and furniture are a major part of helping people feel comfortable during the working hours.

- Cabinets, benches (benches) and desks must fit in small spaces, while supporting safe movement, clean principles and minimize risks. Interior and surface requirements vary for unique environments, including limited spaces in clean room classification, organizational standards, hazards and product sensitivity.

Each aspect of a dressing room is clean, requires surface, unique materials, and even furniture to be used must be clean.

Sơ đồ thiết kế phòng sạch
Diagram design for changing room for clean room


1. Personal locker with personal belongings and possessions

2. Clean shoes with a brush to remove rough dirt under the shoe soles

3. Carpet for shoes to go outside

4. Air shower is filtered through HEPA to remove contaminants.

5. Hand washing and drying areas with filtered air through HEPA or ULPA

6. Gloves and gloves

7. Wash table and glove treatment (if gloves are not clean)

8. Hat / hat case.

9. Mask box

10. Garbage bins for removing paper / wipes or packing for clothes, masks, gloves ....

11. Clean clothes cabinets

12. Garbage / dirty containers

13. Shoe sole cleaning machine

14. Shoe container

15. Dirty garbage / shoe containers

16. Clean benches (The outside is not clean shoes, the inside is clean shoes)

17. Mirrors (to check whether or not enough items are available, if there is not yet reached or not)

18. Safety glass

19. Air shower (can be placed in front of a clean room)