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  • What is Work Bench?
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  • Working table is an indispensable product in the process of working at manufacturing plants such as factories producing electronic components, medical devices, semiconductors, automobile factories ... Industrial work is used for multi-tasking such as: checking product quality, processing products, used to place computers or other machines on the table during working process.

    There are many types of operating tables on the market today: Clean room operating tables, industrial operating tables, product testing tables .... Depending on each function, SHIZU can design according to customers' requirements. goods, to meet the intended use.

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1. What is an working table?

Like other common desks, the working table is a desk used in electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, etc. Often used in clean rooms or manufacturing workshops. precision engineering, medical equipment ... Working tables are usually made of materials: stainless steel, powder coated steel ... Can be joined together by plastic coated steel pipes combined with joints Metal couplings or plastic joints if lighter loads are needed. In addition, the working table can also be made of stainless steel (such as stainless steel working table) or powder coated steel.

Depending on each industry to choose the right material for that industry.

2. Specifications of working table:

There are many types of working tables on the market, but the SHIZU overview will introduce a working table assembled by metal joints (with joints) with plastic coated steel pipes or stainless steel pipes, using stainless steel table tops or MDF surface covered with antistatic rubber mats. This is also the most common type of working table and the most used in all industries.

The operating table parameters that customers - users as well as suppliers - are manufacturers or traders, need to be aware of: What is the size (length * width * height)? Including any special requirements? (There are 2 floors, light bulbs or not ...), What is the material used? (pipes / joints or of stainless steel or powder coated steel ...), Load of tables (in kg) ...

In terms of general structure, the assembly work table usually has table legs and the joints are connected together to form a table frame, then put a stainless steel or MDF table top covered with an antistatic rubber rug. go up. Table legs often use height adjustable feet or use wheels if necessary to move tables during use.

3. Distinguishing types of operating tables & areas of use:

On the market today, there are many types of working tables, of which SHIZU will list the types of operation tables that factories use most:

3.1 Clean room working table:

Often use clean room supplies such as stainless steel (preferred) or powder coated steel.

Commonly used table tops: Inox.

Sports banqueting activities SHIZU

Cleanroom working table SHIZU
Clean room working table (Illustration)

Advantages of this type of working table: Ensuring firm rigidity during working, easy to clean, no dust generated during use, no sharp lines to minimize accumulation dust (is a top priority in clean rooms), withstand heavy loads, are durable and long lasting.

Disadvantages: Welding welds should not be removable when transporting, bulky, high cost due to high supplies.

Depending on the requirements of each clean room to choose the right supplies. Currently on the market, with clean rooms Pharmaceuticals, clean rooms Medical Equipment, Food, cosmetics .... the clean room operating desk is the most selected.

Materials commonly used in the production of clean room operation tables:

- 201 or 304 stainless steel table frame:

Stainless steel square frame:

Stainless Steel frame
304 stainless steel box (illustration)


Sports banqueting activities SHIZU

SUS working table SHIZU
Stainless steel square feet working table (illustration)


Stainless steel circular frame:

Stainless Steel circular frame
Stainless steel in SHIZU
Stainless Steel table SHIZU
Stainless steel table (illustration)


- Flat stainless steel table top:

Stainless steel mat SHIZU

Stainless steel plate
Stainless steel plate used as a table surface (illustration)

Board of SHIZU bookkeeping

Clean operating table, flat surface (illustration)


Or stainless steel perforated sheets increase the aesthetics:

Sports desks SHIZU bookshelves

Punching clean room operating table (Illustration)


3.2 Antistatic working table (also called assembly operation table):

Commonly used assembly materials such as stainless steel pipes / plastic coated steel pipes, combined with metal joints or plastic joints.

The types of operations SHIZU also provide

working table
Common types of anti-static working tables (illustrations)

In addition, currently SHIZU also offers anti-static aluminum operation table assembled from non-shaped aluminum tubes 28 combined with aluminum joints.

Aluminium pipe&joit
Shaped aluminum tubing shaped as an anti-static operation desk

Commonly used table tops: ESD / wooden MDF surface covered with ESD rubber mat (antistatic rubber mats).

Advantages of anti-static working table: Easy to disassemble, materials are cheaper than clean room operation table, flexible in changing the structure or use purpose, saving transportation costs.

Disadvantages: Withstands a lower load than clean room operating tables.


For advice on designing and manufacturing clean room operation tables & anti-static operation tables, please contact:


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