Chọn lọc như thế nào để phù hợp với cấp sạch?

Chọn lọc như thế nào để phù hợp với cấp sạch?

Chọn lọc như thế nào để phù hợp với cấp sạch?

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Classification of air filters and periodic replacement times


The air filter is the most important device in the Clean Room's structural system, helping to purify the air entering the clean room. A quality air filter will help the clean room air filtration system operate well. To ensure that the filter does not affect the quality of the air passing through the air filtration system in the clean room, you should distinguish between types of air filters and know how often they need to be replaced.

1. Classification of air filters

According to the structure of an air filtration device, air filters are divided into 3 main types:

- Coarse filter membrane

- Intermediate filters, including small filters such as pollen filters, activated carbon filters, and Titanium filters.

- Fine filter, also known as Hepa filter.

2. Effect and time to replace filter types

- Coarse filter: Coarse filter is the filter arranged in the first position in the air filter system. Prefilters are made of plastic or metal, depending on the type of air purifier. This filter filters out large, coarse impurities in the air. Such as hair, large dirt, fabric fibers, and cotton fibers. The life of the coarse filter membrane is very high, usually not damaged during use.

Coarse filter in air purifier.

- Activated carbon filter: This type of filter belongs to the intermediate filter group. Activated carbon filter is made of Carbon, capable of removing toxic and unpleasant odors in the air such as dog and cat odor, cigarette smell... Activated carbon filter after a period of use. The appliance will no longer be able to absorb odors and toxins, so users will need to replace it.

Activated carbon filters are often used in household air filtration, or in work areas with polluted air that affects the health of workers or direct workers, or anti-bacterial mask products. poison,....

According to users' experience in using air filtration devices and recommendations from experts, you should replace the activated carbon filter every 1-2 years depending on the manufacturer.

Activated carbon filter.

- Pollen filter membrane: Pollen filter membrane is also in the intermediate filter membrane group. The pollen filter in the air purifier has the effect of eliminating allergens caused by pollen, retaining pollen in the filter. Pollen filters are only found in high-end air filtration devices. This type of filter has a lifespan of 6-12 months depending on how much time the user uses it.


Pollen filter.

- Titanium filter: This is a type of filter with deodorizing function. Titanium filters are not too common in air filtration devices.

- Water filter: Water filter is only found in air purifiers with humidification function. During the humidification process, water added from outside will pass through the water filter to ensure the amount of steam sprayed out into a pure, clean environment. The water filter is mounted in the water tray or in front of the exhaust fan. Users should replace water filters about every 2 years.

- Fine filter (Hepa filter): This is the most important filter in air filtration devices. The Hepa filter has the effect of filtering out dirt, bacteria, and viruses that are microscopic in size, only about 0.3 microns, invisible to the naked eye. Hepa filter has a filtration efficiency of up to 99.97%. Hepa filters contribute to creating the freshest, purest air environment for you.




Fine filter membrane.

Hopefully with the above knowledge, SHiZU Cleanroom will help you choose the right type of air filter.


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