Áo blouse phòng sạch

Áo blouse phòng sạch

Áo blouse phòng sạch

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  • Cleanroom Smock
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  • Use for Guest and antistatic area (Cleanroom)

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1. Product Information:

Product Name: Cleanroom Smock (Cleanroom Blouse, Guest Dress ...)

Material: 100% polyester fabric (cleanroom fabric)

Color: White, blue, green, yellow, pink, ...

Size: S - 5XL

Antistatic: 106 - 109 Ohm

Packing: 1 bag / bag.

2. Product details:

SHIZU's long waistcoat is made from 100% polyester carbon strip.

Features: No dust, no dust, no obstruction to small charge.

Can tailor and change details according to customer requirements.

Usually used in the production area or for visitors to visit the factory.

Available in many sizes and suits for both men and women.

3. Application:

Used in Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Medical Equipment, Electronics ...

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