Bao bọc giày bằng vải không dệt

Bao bọc giày bằng vải không dệt

Bao bọc giày bằng vải không dệt

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  • Nonwoven Shoes Cover
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1. Basic Informations:

Name product: Nonwoven shoe covers (Shoe cover 01 times)

Color: light blue, white (always available)

Size: Free size.

Packing: 100 pieces / bag (50 pairs), 40 bags / carton.

Material: Made from 100% non-woven fabric.

Made in Viet Nam

2. Product details:

SHIZU non-woven shoes covers provide good elasticity, good elasticity of elasticity, no pain in the ankles during use, used for shoe covers in the work area, avoiding falling dust and impurities to the clean room area and clean production area during use.

Advantages: Cheap, lightweight, easy to use, convenient, tough, not puncture, tear while using, not waterproof but ensure ventilation.

Disadvantages: Only used once and must be replaced the next time.

The product is suitable for everyone, not picky users.

3. Application:

Nonwoven shoe covers are widely used in cleanroom environments, manufacturing areas of companies - factories manufacturing electronic components, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, Packing ...

Convenient to use when visiting the factory, factory.

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