Bao bọc tóc bằng vải không dệt

Bao bọc tóc bằng vải không dệt

Bao bọc tóc bằng vải không dệt

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  • Nonwoven Head Cover
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1. Basic informations:

Commodity Description: Non-woven hats (1 times)

Color: light blue, white (always available)

Size: Free size.

Packing: 100 pcs / bag, 40 bags / carton.

Material: Made from 100% non-woven fabric.

Made in Viet Nam

2. Product details:

SHIZU non-woven hats with good elasticity and good elasticity are sealed with two fixed points, avoiding hair loss, dandruff and other types of microorganisms in the head. in use.

Advantages: Cheap price, light cap, easy to use, convenient, waterproof hat but ensure ventilation, not causing heat to the scalp should minimize the antibacterial, fungal to the scalp. .

Disadvantages: Only used once and must be replaced the next time.

The product is suitable for everyone, not picky users.

3. Application:

Non-woven hats are widely used in cleanroom environments, manufacturing areas of companies - factories manufacturing electronic components, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, cosmetics, Packing ...

Convenient to use when visiting the factory, factory.

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