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  • Cleanroom Sticky Roller
  • Product Code: SHZ-STR
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1. Product Description:

Material: PE plastic


- Size 1: 100mm (W) X 20mtrs (L)

- Size 2: 200mm (W) X 20mtrs (L)

- Size 3: 300mm (W) X 20mtrs (L)

Colors: Available in two colors: White and Dark Blue.


- In roll form, smooth surface.

- Use for long time without repair, maintenance, until the full length of the permit.

- Multifunction.

- Origin: China / Korea.

2. Application:

- Easily remove dust, hair and fine fibers on the clothes, desk in the clean room.

- Scope of use: Use in clean rooms to clean clean room uniforms, clean room desks and clean room surfaces when needed.

3. Instructions for use:

- Just roll directly onto the surface to remove dust and roll several times if necessary.

- Remove the part used to continue to the next area until the roller is full.

- Handles are reusable, just replace the rollers when you need to use the adhesive.

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