Găng tay phủ PU đầu ngón tay

Găng tay phủ PU đầu ngón tay

Găng tay phủ PU đầu ngón tay

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  • PU Coating Gloves
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1. Basic Informations:

Product Name: PU Fit Gloves

Characteristics: Made of polyester fiber, the finger surface is covered with a polyurethane (PU) layer, covering the loops of polyester fibers for easy assembly.

Size: S, M, L (usually available size S, M). Differentiate the size by color on the wrist.

Clour: White

Packing: 10 pairs / bag, 500 pairs / carton.

Origin: Made in Korea.

2. Product details:

Finger PU gloves are supplied by SHIZU company with clear origin, quality certificate and certificate of origin (provided upon receipt of customer's request).

Product characteristics:

- Produced by modern technology, no dust, no yeast, safe for use in clean room.

- Each size is differentiated by the color of the wrist.

- Good elasticity, minimizes fatigue of hands for long periods of use.

- PU coating on the surface is anti-slippery, anti-ke on polyester fiber to protect the product better.

Parameter table size:

Size S-7 M-8 L-9 XL-10 XXL-11
Length (cm) 19.5 21 22 23.5 24

3. Application:

- General working areas: Automobile assembly, semiconductor, assembly work.

- Used in manufacturing industries: electronic components, printing, embryos, optics, medical equipment ...

- Use in clean room.

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