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  • Cleanroom Paper
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1. Basic Informations:

Name product: Cleanroom paper

Size: A3, A4, A5

Color: White, light blue, light green, yellow, pink, orange ...

Packing: 250 sheets / ram.

Origin: From China.

2. Product details:

SHIZU specializes in providing cleanroom paper sizes: A3, A4, A5 with different colors.

Easy to use, distinguish between item codes in production or between different production lines.

Clean paper is a type of paper that does not emit dust during use, does not cling to dust should be used in clean room environment class 100 to 100,000.

3. Application:

- Used in clean room companies manufacturing electronic components, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, cosmetics ...

- Used to print documents, print codes, information products ...

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