Khăn lau phòng sạch

Khăn lau phòng sạch

Khăn lau phòng sạch

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  • Cleanroom Wiper
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1. Product Description:

Product Name: Polyester Cleaning Wipes

Product Code: WP-PL001

Size: 9 inches * 9 inches

Color: White

Packing: 150 pieces / pack

Origin: Raw materials are imported from China, packaging and microbiological treatment in Vietnam.

2. Product details:

Clean shavings provided by SHIZU are of clear origin, quality is guaranteed, unlike other types of wipes in the market.

The towel is woven from polyester fabric, does not produce dust, soft, do not scratch the product when cleaning.

Good absorbent, suitable for dust and dirt, or other chemicals.

Reusable to save costs.

3. Application:

Used for cleaning products, working areas in the clean room of the factory producing electronic components, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Food, Cosmetic ...

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