Nón dài phủ vai có khẩu trang

Nón dài phủ vai có khẩu trang

Nón dài phủ vai có khẩu trang

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  • Cleanroom hood with facemask
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1. Product Information:
Product Name: Cleanroom Hood with facemask

Material: 100% polyester fabric.

Size: Free size, adjust the width of the tear

2. Product details:

SHIZU cleanroom hood, with facemask, made by 100% polyester (clean fabric), covers the hair in the head and neck, avoiding hair loss, hair loss and dead skin. external environment.

Hats are designed 01 size, adjust the width - tight with the tear plate on the hat.

It is convenient to take off and bring in, covering shoulders in the overalls so that dust, hair and dirt do not fall off.

3. Application:

Use in the clean room of Pharmaceuticals, Food, Cosmetics, Medical Equipment and Electronics.

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