Thảm cao su lưu hóa chống tĩnh điện

Thảm cao su lưu hóa chống tĩnh điện

Thảm cao su lưu hóa chống tĩnh điện

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  • Anti static ESD Rubber Mat
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    Material: Conductive Rubber Blended

    Colour: Green - Black

    Surface Resistance: 10^3 to 10^5 ohms

    Packaging Type: Roll

    Surface to Ground Resistance: 10^6 to 10^9 ohms

    Thickness: 1.8 mm to 2 mm

    Dimension: 1 m x 10 m, 1.2m x 10 m


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What is anti-static ESD rubber mat?

Have you ever experienced numbness in your hands when holding the door? You have slight numbness in your hands/feet when working on a computer or when accidentally colliding with a table or chair in the office... We have met many times with such real phenomena, but we do not ourselves. You know, it's an electrostatic phenomenon. That is, a small amount of electric charge is passing through and affecting our psychology as well as our health. Particularly for the industries producing electronic components and medical equipment, this electrostatic phenomenon greatly affects the working process, affecting the quality of the product, causing damage to the manufacturer. Therefore, experts in the ESD - antistatic clean room industry are always researching to minimize this electrostatic phenomenon. We most often meet in positions of stainless steel, steel or even wooden worktops... To completely solve this problem, you should trust and come to vulcanized rubber mat products. antistatic of SHiZU Co., Ltd. We are a leading supplier of anti-static rubber mats, serving in the manufacturing of electronic components, medical equipment, and other related industries.

ESD Rubber Mat
Vulcanized ESD Rubber Mat

Technical characteristics of antistatic vulcanized rubber mat?

Constructed by 2 layers of moss green and black rubber, the side glued on is antistatic (moss green), which has the effect of removing small charged particles and dispersing charges within 0.1s. The side glued to the bottom is the black side (tabletop contact surface) with the effect of conducting electricity, made of ordinary vulcanized rubber.

Carpet surface type: There are 2 types of glossy & matte (Below the illustration)

ESD Rubber Mat
Glossy and matte type of ESD rubber mat

Dimensions: 1m * 10m * 1.8mm, 1.2m * 10m * 1.8mm (in the market, the thickness is still stated as 2mm but in reality it is only 1.8mm, so when placing a standard order, the user should note this information ).

The mat does not cause slipping, does not have rough surfaces, convenient for manipulation and working on the table or working floor.

Anti-static vulcanized rubber mats are often called by users with many different names such as electrostatic mats, electrostatic pads, anti-static table mats, ....No matter what the name is, the carpet Antistatic rubber is still the optimal product for industrial use to minimize static electricity.

Check ESD resistance of ESD rubber mat
Measurement of antistatic properties of antistatic vulcanized rubber mats in SHiZU

Anti-static rubber mat rolls are often purchased by customers, measure the table surface, then cut and paste to suit their needs. To glue the vulcanized rubber mat to the table, people often use dog glue or super-adhesive double-sided glue.

Application of antistatic vulcanized rubber mat

Anti-static vulcanized rubber mats are often used in clean rooms or work places that need to control electrical charges such as production lines in the industries of electronic components, manufacturing circuit boards, microchips, boards, etc. medical equipment... To be able to ensure optimal use of antistatic vulcanized rubber mats, we need to use them together with other auxiliary devices that are also used to eliminate static such as antistatic bracelets static electricity, ground wire for rubber mat, ground wire for bracelet, anti-static gloves, anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes...

Working Station
Anti-static rubber mat for gluing the working table surface
ESD Rubber mat for Conveyors


Ban thao tac nhom dinh hinh
ESD Rubber mat for Aluminium Profile Working Station
ESD Rubber Mat for Conveyor and Working table
Antistatic vulcanized rubber mat for conveyor belting and operation panel gluing

To order standard anti-static rubber mats, customers can contact:

SHiZU Manufacturing-Trading-Service CO., LTD

Address: 114 Bui Cong Trung, Hamlet 3, Nhi Binh, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City.

Branch 1: No 102 Lane 649 Linh Nam, Thanh Tri ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi City.

Branch 2: 1A highway, Thuong Xa Village, Hai Thuong ward, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri Province


- Sales Executive 1: Ms. Truc 0946.093.082

- Sales Executive 2: Ms. Lan 0942.093.082

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