Thảm chống mỏi phòng sạch

Thảm chống mỏi phòng sạch

Thảm chống mỏi phòng sạch

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  • Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
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  • Anti-static foot anti-fatigue mats used for working environments must stand a lot, help circulation and blood flow, ensure health status for users.

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1. Basic information about anti fatigue floor mat:
Product name: Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Available sizes: 450x450 (mm), 450x600 (mm), 600x900 (mm)

Thickness: 17mm

Color: The part uses basic black, yellow ESD edge.

Structure: The top and bottom are made of elastic PVC, the middle part is made of soft Foam.

Effect: Using anti-static foot anti-fatigue carpet to help reduce leg and muscle fatigue, help blood circulation and minimize foot stiffness at standing.

Thảm chống mỏi chân chống tĩnh điện
Surface of Anti Fatigue Floor Mat
Cấu tạo thảm chống mỏi chân chống tĩnh điện
Structure Anti Fatigue Floor Matcomponent
Mặt sau thảm
Under surface of Anti Fatigue Floor Mat
Mặt góc thảm
Surface on anti-fatigue floor mat

2. Characteristics of anti-static foot anti-fatigue mats:

For any job that needs a lot of work, foot fatigue is a great solution for them. Anti Fatigue Floor Mat anti-fatigue mats meet industry standards for flexibility, long-term use quality and innovation power.


Anti-static foot anti-fatigue carpet brings comfort and softness exclusively for applications in manufacturing plants in stages such as machine operation, industrial kitchen, production line ...


Foot strainer mats also have excellent slip resistance, which is an excellent choice for the following tasks:


- At retail stores.


- Cashier area


- Information technology server station


- Bank tellers (need to stand a lot)


- Office workers do a lot of work


- Warehouse


- Garage


- Conferences and conferences


- Lecturer standing class


- Restaurant kitchen


- Working areas in food and seafood factories ...


With the optimal characteristics of the product, anti-static foot fatigue prevention mats are perfectly suitable for dry or slightly wet working areas because of waterproof carpets.


SHIZU provides solutions for customers when we understand the importance of ensuring the health of workers, minimizing foot numbness, joint pain, leg stiffness ...


3. Installation location:

Thảm chống mỏi trong kho DHL
Intallation anti fatigue floor mat for Warehouse

Lắp thảm chống mỏi khu vực làm việc
Installation Anti Fatigue Floor Mat for Packing Area

Các khu vực khác
Surface on anti-fatigue floor mat

In addition, we also provide types:
- Antistatic rubber mats

- Carpet clean dust clean room

- Office carpet

- Non-slip mats


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