Thảm hút bụi Dycem tại Việt Nam

Thảm hút bụi Dycem tại Việt Nam

Thảm hút bụi Dycem tại Việt Nam

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  • Dycem Mat Cleanzone (CZ01) - Vietnam
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  • This section summarizes the information of all types of germicidal dust mats, suitable for installation in corridors for pedestrians and light-loaders. It controls both dust and bacteria.

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1. Overview of Dycem Cleanzone vacuum cleaner carpet (CZ01):

Dycem Cleanzone (CZ01) is a carpet type or can replace anti-microbial anti-bacterial flooring, suitable for use with pedestrian corridors and light-loaders It has been scientifically tested, it has been proven to be the most effective in all types of dust mat, dust on the market. It controls all forms of pollution on the legs, wheels and air that enter important areas.

Cleanzone (CZ01) is designed to apply to many applications in factories, it offers high performance in cleaning. It can be used in many areas with customizable sizes and shapes, and we can use different types of borders, border colors to enhance aesthetics.

Dycem Mat Cleanzone (CZ1) - Illustration
Dycem Mat Cleanzone (CZ1) - Illustration

2. Areas that can use Cleanzone (CZ01):

- Dycem Cleanzone dust collector (CZ01) can be used for all pedestrian entrances to important areas (usually clean rooms) to completely prevent the entry of pollution.

- All pedestrian exits to prevent contamination from important areas to the outside.

- Inside the buffer room (Airlock), the dressing room (Gowning room) or the Air Shower to control and retain the hazards underneath the carpet.

Set up Dycem Mat for Air Shower
Intallation Dycem Mat for Air Shower

- Install Hycem Cleanzone (CZ1) vacuum mats on the commuting area to minimize maximum cross-contamination.

- Install inside the clean room (Cleanroom) or important working areas in direct contact with the product.

3. Advantages of Dycem Cleanzone vacuum cleaner (CZ01):

- Can be installed as a standard or customized carpet for complex areas that are not perpendicular, including areas with many bends.

- It is a great idea for installation to replace floors or walls.

- Available in many colors, it is very suitable for classification of clean and dirty areas.

- The life of these products is very high (usually 3 to 5 years) if used in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer and installation.

- 12 months warranty from the date of installation.

4. Benefits that Dycem Cleanzone vacuum cleaner carpet (CZ01) brings:

- Can replace other types of flooring (up to 99.9%) and minimize the number of suspended dust particles (over 75%) in controlled areas or direct production areas.


Hiêu quả từ việc sử dụng thảm Dycem
Performance of using Dycem mat

- As a long-term solution, cost-effective compared to conventional dust-proof carpets as well as other solutions.

- Minimize the number of microorganisms produced by Biomaster in the structure of dust absorbing mats Dycem (this is an additive to help prevent high-performance bacteria).

- Easy to clean, maintain and combine with existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).


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