ESD wrist Strap, vòng đeo tay chống tĩnh điện, vòng đeo tay, vòng đeo tay esd wrist strap, vòng đeo

ESD wrist Strap, vòng đeo tay chống tĩnh điện, vòng đeo tay, vòng đeo tay esd wrist strap, vòng đeo

ESD wrist Strap, vòng đeo tay chống tĩnh điện, vòng đeo tay, vòng đeo tay esd wrist strap, vòng đeo

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  • ESD Wrist Strap
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  • Anti-static bracelet, also known as anti-static bracelet, anti-static strap, ESD wrist strap...It is an electrostatic control device commonly used in component factories. electronic, board, PCB, SMT line...

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1. What is ESD Wrist Strap?
In the industries that produce electronic components, boards, etc., the control of static electricity is extremely important and necessary. One of the preferred devices to use during work is the anti-static ESD wrist strap.

ESD Wrist Strap is a type of device used to prevent the discharge of small charges during work from contact between the human body and collision items such as work tables, PCB boards. , or other manipulative items.

ESD Wrist Strap is a form of grounding from the user's hand to the table, carpet or directly connected to the ground to limit the discharge of charges (or imbalance of charge), releasing them to somehow it does not affect the quality of components, of the finished product in contact.

Vong deo tay chong tinh dien SHiZU
ESD Wrist Strap LEKO


2. Structure, working principle of ESD wrist Strap

Structure of ESD wrist Strap : SHiZU describes LEKO's ESD wrist Strap - the most popular product on the Vietnamese market today.

LEKO's ESD wrist Strap consists of 3 parts:

The first is a fabric wristband: Made of anti-static woven fabric, elastic and adjustable in width with a plastic brace, it fits snugly in the hand when worn without causing laceration or discomfort to the user. Use when wearing for a long time working.

Especially in this part of the wristband, there is a stainless steel button part, the button part must be in direct contact with the user's skin to conduct the charge to the ground when manipulating.

Vong deo tay chong tinh dien
Structure of the LEKO anti-static bracelet provided by SHiZU

The second is the conductor: The conductor is made of plastic, as a twisted wire that can be stretched to a maximum of 1.8m. It can collect and discharge small charges to avoid causing discharge when operating.

Vong deo tay chong tinh dien
Lead extension cord up to 1.8m

The third is the stainless steel clamp: As the tail of the anti-static bracelet, it will be clamped to the positions where the user wants to release the charge such as the table top, the table leg, but the last part still has to lead to the ground. , or clamp directly to the ground. If clamping on a part that does not conduct electricity to the ground for the purpose of releasing an electric charge, it has no effect, so users should pay attention to use it effectively.

Vong deo tay chong tinh dien SHiZU
The stainless steel clamp is the connection point of the ring with the conductive part to the ground


Working principle of  ESD wrist Strap:

Before working, employees need to be fully equipped with labor protection equipment, especially in the field of electronic components production, it is necessary to use anti-static devices, including bracelets. antistatic.

First of all, wear the cloth ring on the wrist, adjust the width to ensure comfort, without laceration or blood vessel blockage, then press the stainless steel button to the button on the cloth ring, and finally plug the stainless steel clip into position. charge discharge point.

By the above operations, the anti-static bracelet will help eliminate static electricity, release a small charge (<800) about 80-90% of the charge in the body, helping to maintain stability & safety for the body. both the worker and the product, helping to minimize damage to electronic components.

Vong deo tay chong tinh dien LEKO
Structure of the LEKO anti-static bracelet provided by SHiZU

In addition to the blue ESD wrist strap, there are other colors such as black, yellow, distinguish the parts used, not to cause confusion or loss.

Vong deo tay chong tinh dien SHiZU
Diverse and rich models of anti-static bracelets



3. Application of ESD wrist strap

ESD wrist strap are widely used in the fields of: Manufacture of electronic components, computer components, cameras, copiers, mobile phone warranty stations,...

4. Where to buy ESD wrist strap?

If you need to buy ESD wrist strap, clean room slippers, please contact SHiZU sales team according to the information below:


SHiZU Manufacturing-Trading-Service CO., LTD

Address: 114 Bui Cong Trung, Hamlet 3, Nhi Binh, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City.

Branch 1: No 102 Lane 649 Linh Nam, Thanh Tri ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi City.

Branch 2: 1A highway, Thuong Xa Village, Hai Thuong ward, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri Province


- Sales Executive 1: 0946.093.082

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