tình hình đầu tư 2018, đầu tư từ nước ngoài, dự án công nghiệp mới, nhà máy mới

tình hình đầu tư 2018, đầu tư từ nước ngoài, dự án công nghiệp mới, nhà máy mới

tình hình đầu tư 2018, đầu tư từ nước ngoài, dự án công nghiệp mới, nhà máy mới

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How to solve the problem of economic development in Vietnam?

Large private corporations are considered the fastest growing engine for Vietnam's economy, Nguyen Mai.



Lead the story of VinFast and Thaco, one side only 1.5 years is the product, one side is the factory was robotic modern just after one year of construction, GS. Nguyen Mai emphasized the potential of the private sector in Vietnam.

"It is quite a fact that we have a very fast growth sector," he said, adding that if the state were "more open", the region would contribute significantly to the country's economy. .

In the course of recent research, GS. Nguyen also realized that there was a big change in the investment relationship between domestic and FDI enterprises.

Specifically, if the registered capital of each project in 2014 of the average FDI sector is $ 10.3 million, the first quarter of 2018 only $ 3.5 million. The scale of registered capital is decreasing, only 30% compared with 4 years ago. Meanwhile, Vietnam is currently not missing the project several million dollars that the investor is Vietnamese.

"If that is the case, why not invest in private development? Local governments are responsible for not allowing development of domestic private sector," he said.

In his view, the quality of growth comes from the dynamics of the private economy. The private sector here has to say both types, SMEs and large corporations.

"It is not just the private sector in the country that is the smallest corporations that is the fastest growing engine for the Vietnamese economy, "In the next three quarters, the country will grow, depending on how the state creates the best and most favorable environment for small businesses to grow and many big corporations," said Minh. is formed, enough to reach the world.

TS. Phan The Cong, from the University of Commerce, said in a recent report that developed countries have always encouraged private corporations to grow and flourish. Companies that have the vision, can lead the way, lead the game, create markets and business networks or value chains, so that other members of the community find their way and engage in it. family.

"Flocked to the market according to the herd without a" flagpole "aligned, in contrast, SMEs are less likely to determine the direction, leading to blindness, difficult to succeed," the doctor This said.

The failure of SMEs to reverse will also make it difficult for large corporations when they can not form a complete ecosystem (where the order, supplying products that large corporations themselves do not know if it works. some ...).

In addition, TS. Cong said that in Vietnam there are a number of large corporations that play the leading role, although new in limited scale. For example, in mid-2016, VinGroup shook hands with more than 200 SMEs to provide Vietnamese products in the retail market.

Or TH True Milk is a typical, go straight into building a completely new business organization system, forming a complete production chain and implementing the application of modern high-tech agriculture.

In order for corporations to thrive in the future, TS. Phan The Cong said that there should be mechanisms and policies to encourage the establishment of private enterprises, narrow the conditional business areas, create conditions for them to invest, develop production and business in the industry. , areas and geographical areas not banned by law, in line with the socio-economic development strategy in each period.


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