Đồ dùng cần thiết trong phòng sạch, trang bị cần thiết trong phòng sạch

Đồ dùng cần thiết trong phòng sạch, trang bị cần thiết trong phòng sạch

Đồ dùng cần thiết trong phòng sạch, trang bị cần thiết trong phòng sạch

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Equipment needed for cleanrooms

People working in clean rooms are a source of dirt for the room. When people move, they can produce up to 100,000 particles (larger than 0.5 μm) and microns of micron particulate matter per minute. Thus, for every clean room, there is a limit to the number of people working in the room. And to ensure the environment in the room, in addition to machines equipped for essential work in clean rooms, human equipment is essential to minimize the amount of dust produced. The necessary equipment for the workplace include: - Protective clothing: Usually a monolithic jacket and trousers. - Headgear (we remember human hair is also a source of dust). - Footwear sandals. - Face mask, may include respiratory filter in the mask, eye protection glasses, gloves. clothes, hats, masks, shoes are made of fabric, have a smooth surface, do not catch dust, and make people easy to move and operate (Picture 1)

Picture 1. Employees working in cleanrooms are fully equipped: overalls, hats, masks, shoes, gloves, glasses ...

In the field of physics, materials science, clean room is often used for high-purity materials such as photolithography, thin film technology (MBE, sputtering, CVD ...) electronic components, microelectronic systems (MEMS, NEMS), subtle analysis, physical and chemical processing ... Here, you can read the answer yourself the question " Why not use a clean room? "Imagine, the technology of manufacturing micrometre-sized components to nanometers, just a small amount of dust can change completely. the substance of the product.


Picture 2. Gowning room (intermediate area before entering the clean room)

The first area when you walk into the clean room is the dressing area (Picture 2). This is an intermediate chamber before coming to the function room, which is not high purity. There you will have to wear protective clothing in accordance with the procedures and ensure that they do not contaminate the area before entering the work area. After finishing the job, before leaving the clean room, the employee must also remove the protective equipment as they progress and leave the room.