Găng tay cao su phòng sạch

Găng tay cao su phòng sạch

Găng tay cao su phòng sạch

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  • Cleanroom Latex Gloves
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  • What are latex gloves?
    Latex gloves are made from natural rubber, environmentally friendly, widely used in health and other industries.
    Latex gloves used in clean rooms must be non-powdered latex gloves, preferred by the elasticity and comfortable feeling to use.

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1. Product Description:

Product Name: Cleanroom latex gloves (latex gloves)

Ingredients: 100% natural rubber.

Size: S, M, L

Color: Cream, white, blue (usually available in cream color)

Origin: Malaysia


Găng tay latex phòng sạch
Cleanroom Latex Gloves


Latex gloves made by SHIZU directly from Malaysia so high durability, good quality

- Gloves, tough, hard to tear.

- Wear your arms and fit your fingers.


- The price is higher than the price of gloves made in the country, the price up and down according to the price of rubber in the market.

- Do not use for some people allergic to protein in natural rubber.







Length (mm)

All dimensions

Min 240


Palm Width(mm)

















Thickness (mm) * tường đơn

All dimensions

Finger: 0.11 ±. 02
(Typical value: 0.09-0.11)


Palm: 0.10 ±. 02
(Typical value: 0.08-0.10)



2. How to use

Latex gloves should be used and disposed of appropriately, disposable gloves providing excellent protection against cross-contamination in healthcare and manufacturing. When using, follow the instructions below to make the most of wearing gloves.

Step 1: Choose the right gloves

Choose a glove that fits and is designed for use.

Step 2: Check

Check each glove by tearing and see if there is any puncture.

Step 3: Wash your hands before wearing gloves

Before use, it is necessary to clean or sterilize your hands. Always wash and dry your hands before wearing gloves.

Step 4: Wear latex gloves

Put on gloves. While wearing disposable latex gloves, do not touch or use the phone, the door handle or the like.

Step 5: Remove after use

Never wash or reuse disposable gloves. In any of the following situations, be sure to remove gloves, wash and dry your hands, and use a new pair of gloves immediately in the following situations:

Between different patients or different job duties (in medical)

  • When gloves are contaminated (for all industries)
  • When gloves are dirty (for all industries)
  • When gloves are torn (for all industries)
  • When gloves have been used for four consecutive hours (in medical)
  • After sneezing, coughing or touching hair or face (in medical)
  • When removing gloves, it is important to follow the proper glove removal techniques as shown below to avoid contamination from the outside of the glove.

3. Application:

- Use in clean rooms in fields of pharmaceutical production, medical equipment, electronics, packaging ...

- Use in hospitals, polyclinics, specialized.

- SHIZU provides sterile and unpasteurized gloves, depending on the environment to choose the right type of gloves.

Some pictures for product illustrations:

Găng tay latex phòng sạch
Cleanroom Latex Gloves

Găng tay latex phòng sạch
Cleanroom Latex Gloves

SHIZU - Găng tay latex
Cleanroom Latex Gloves



​In addition to Latex gloves, SHIZU also offers other clean room gloves such as: Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves, PU-finger-coated gloves, antistatic cloth gloves, ...




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